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The future depends onwhat you do in the present
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About Insight for Wellness

     We are an integrative group with contracting practitioners and staff who specialize in therapeutic interventions to help bring about positive changes, treat emotional and behavioral illness, provide preventative services and lifestyle changes for overall wellness. Many people are seeking alternative treatments and may be looking to change their diets and wanting lifestyle support and education. There are wonderful alternatives that can help support both emotional and physical wellness. 

     We are seeing an increase in supportive therapy for those who are looking to prevent illness or for those who are struggling with an illness such as cancer. With financial struggles, relationship issues, traffic, multi-tasking and overworking people are recognizing that this has to change. Inflammation and stress related illness to include weight gain is on the rise. People are looking for Nutritional/Supplement support. We use multiple interventions. An eclectic approach is used depending on the individual, couples or family needs. 

     Insight for Wellness has been providing psychotherapy, coaching, consulting and presentations in the East Bay Area for 16 years. 

     Coordination of care and placing the patient/client in the center of care is key. Utilizing an Integrative approach allows for the best possilbe solution as it takes into account the best Western and Eastern philosophies. 

     Our patients range from 18 - 104 years of age. We specialize in both adult and senior/geriatric care. From the start of our adult lives to death and dying. Many of our patients are from the sandwhich generation caring for both chidlren and aging parents. 

     We also see young adults to inspire and coach them through college or starting their careers. Mid life crisis, Empty nesters and relationship shifts are common but with good support we can transition our lives and live the second part of our journey with inspiration and purpose. 

     Insight for Wellness teaches the skills needed to live, both physically and emotionally healthy and fearless lives. We inspire to open new doors of opportunity, growth and enhance performance. Learning our purpose in life and taking action will bring us more than we could ever imagine. It will bring back our confidence to trust and be great at whatever we choose to do. 

     We emphasize that focus is placed on the whole person involving mind, body, environment, relationships and spirituality. A mindful and integrative approach along with Cognitive Restructuring is key. 

     Specialty areas include Adult, Couples, Groups and Senior populations. We would love to hear from you. Go to the "Contact info" for further questions.