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Dr. Rozakis and her team have a geriatric practice totaling a combined 75 years of passionate experience working with the elderly, their families and community. Upon calling the Insight for Wellness Center you will be prompted to leave a message. Dr. Rozakis or one of her team members will be calling you back for a phone consultation. After the phone consultation you will be paired with one of our geriatric team members.
For our senior population we accept Medicare and Secondary insurances. 
Insurance covers psychotherapy interventions and treatment for complicated grief , depression and anxiety. 
-Diagnostic Evaluations
-Loss and Grief
-Death and Dying (life's transitions and passages)
-Family education and support
-Helping families understand Dementia (Neurocognitive  Decline) 
-Help with problem solving around placement, living arrangements
-Supporting the middle generation that is sandwiched between caring for their children and parents. 
We are an integrative and collaborative team.

For complex medical issues, including death and dying, we have created the Center for Collaborative HealthCare at Insight for Welllnes Center.
Insight for Seniors Team Members:

Dr. Katerina Rozakis, Ph.D., LCSW, DAPA, BCIM

Dr. Rozakis developed and operated several geriatric mental health programs as well as serving on the education committee for the Alzheimer's association in southern California.

Caroline Allen, LCSW 28904

I love working with seniors and see the  later years as a journey of evolvement  marked frequently by the changing roles and experiences that can either enhance or challenge our ability to live fully.  Seniors see the world in a different way often counting success in the quality of their relationships and the place they hold in the lives of those they share. Depression and anxiety are common in this age group however there  is a very special  authenticity as we age that allows for the creation of  new insights and wellness. Working through depression can increase this potential toward mindfulness and wellbeing. My specialty is Neurolinguistic programming using an audio visual device called Braintap that directly targets common problems such as brain fogginess, stress reduction, insomnia,motivation and. This state of art technology takes the hard work out of mediation, deep breathing and relaxation My work  concentrates  on guiding  seniors toward  finding meaning, hope and joy  in the midst of great  changes such as  retirement, loss of family and friends, chronic health conditions, disability and or  death and  dying. This  practice acknowledges that every being brings an innate sense of inquiry that  searches for the value and meaning of relationships and self worth as we negotiate growing into being grey.

Christina Balboni, MSW, ACSW

Hello, my name is Christina Balboni. I am a native to the Tri-Valley area. Being a late bloomer in life, my family and I have achieved a Master’s degree in Social Work (I do believe life is a team effort) and I work within the healthcare and elderly population; where I have found my passion. My family includes two older teens and a Pomeranian puppy; all of whom keep me on my toes. Currently I am working towards my license in clinical social work and always expanding my skill set, education and experience.