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  • I'm taking supplements: Why don't I feel different?
    MARCH 4, 2019 BY HOLLY LUCILLE As a growing number of people are turning to integrative medicine to address their health concerns, many individuals are being introduced to the world of dietary supplements. Read more
  • Charlotte's Web Rebalance Toolkit: Why We Love The Five-minute Journal
    From CW Hemp Blog written January 31, 2018 Change your thoughts and you change your world. - Norman Vincent Peale* (*A bit of inspiration from the Five-Minute Journal, which is one of the Read more
  • CBD and Insomnia
    by Kathryn Drury Wagner from spiritualityhealth.com If you toss at night, glowering at the clock in frustration, you’re not alone. About 60 percent of Americans have insomnia a few nights per Read more
  • Four New Year's Resolutions to Support Your Brain Health
    December 31, 2018 As December begins to wind down, many of us are beginning to look at the coming year and consider the ways we might improve our quality of life. Read more
  • The Healing Power of Touch
    by Mary Ann Konarzewski, CMT, CMLDT  “To touch can be to give life,” said Michelangelo. In skilled hands, touch can be miraculous. It can sustain and nourish life. It has the Read more
  • Braintap Explained
    BrainTap lets you reach the same states reached in deep meditation, but without years of disciplined practice. It’s a state that leads to mental clarity, greater intuition, and effortless behavior Read more
  • How to use Reiki as an adjunct to therapy
    Reiki is the free flowing universal healing energy that helps your body to realign and heal itself from a cellular and spiritual level. Reiki is one of the modalities used Read more
  • Transition
    “Transition means struggle; it means grasping and clawing and shouting at life for being so cruel and then celebrating the unexpected gifts that lie on the other side of that Read more
  • A Good Night’s Sleep - How to Sleep Better
    How many hours of sleep are you achieving per night? Getting a good night's sleep is vital for physical and emotional health, mental focus, concentration, and memory. You may already Read more

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