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CBD products at Insight Wellness Center (IWC) are derived from Hemp (Cannabis Sativa plant) manufactured by farmers as a supplement therefor no medical card is needed to purchase in California. * The CBD we carry is non-psychoactive and comes from Hemp CBD. CBD that is available at IWC is part of the center's integrative approach in providing holistic care for those individuals who are seeking healthy and alternative options. . Alternatives can now be integrated into health practices, however, it is important to consult with your health care provider when taking any over the counter supplements. There are supplements that may interfere with medications. CBD consultation sessions are made available to you by our CBD Wellness Consultants in collaboration with Dr. Katerina Rozakis, PhD, LCSW, Natural Health Sciences Educator, CBD Educator and Alternative Medicines. Please note that supplements including CBD are not intended for treatment purposes or diagnoses. Statements such as pain relief, sleep, etc. are based on reports and shared with you via education and not treatment recommendations or prescriptions. It is recommended that you do your best to learn, research and discuss Hemp CBD with your provider in order to make the best possible choices for your health and wellbeing. It is recommended that you speak with your physician regarding supplements you are taking to include CBD. We are available to collaborate with your primary care physician.
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