Chakras are energy locations in the body. They are metaphysical vortices that spin in a clockwise direction. There are many chakras in the body, however, we will be focusing on the seven major ones that control the flow of our subtle energies for our health. The chakras symbolize physical, emotional and spiritual growth. If these chakras are in balance we experience good body function. If they are blocked they can create physiological and emotional distress in many areas of our body and life.

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All of our pieces are intended for healing. We offer Chakra Healing Consultations which are valuable in helping understand our body and how it's effected by emotional situations in our lives. Begin the healing process with Chakra Energy work and Reiki.

All pieces have been Reiki charged. Cleansed with sage, and Angel clearing. We use the finest gems. Black onyx, tourmaline, turquoise, malachite, rose quartz, clear quartz, tigers eye, citrine, etc.,

We also custom make Malas and bracelets to match your unique chakra clearing needs.



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