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One important thing to consider before using cannabidiol (CBD) is how to administer it to your body. Ultimately it must get to the receptors in your endocannabinoid system, but the effect it will have on you, and how long it will take to have an effect, is influenced by your chosen method of consumption. And no matter which method you choose, it’s important you go with organic, third-party tested, full spectrum CBD, like is the case with all the products we sell here at our San Ramon CBD Dispensary. Here are the various ways the human body can absorb CBD, presented in no particular order:


Vaping or smoking is a popular option because effects are felt very quickly, making it an excellent choice for people in need of fast relief. According to studies, It’s able to act almost immediately because it enters the lungs and diffuses directly into the bloodstream. Not only does this provide a quick result, but the fact it doesn’t have to pass through your digestive system means less of it is lost in the process. Bioavailability, which is the percentage of a substance that enters one’s body and produces its active effects, tends to be near 50% for CBD inhalation. By contrast, it averages closer to 15% for ingestion.


Taking edibles, which can come as capsules, oils, or infused food/drink, is another common method of CBD consumption. Based on the research that’s been done, while this form takes longer to have an effect, the effect lasts longer. Also, it comes on more gradually, which a person might prefer if they’re using it for something like winding down before going to bed. The amount of time it takes to act depends on one’s digestive system, which the cannabinoids pass through on their way to the bloodstream after metabolizing in the liver, but is usually between 30 minutes and two hours.


Another oral option is to place a small amount of CBD tincture or a lozenge under the tongue and leave it there for about a minute. The reports say that this method bypasses the digestive system as the mucous membranes absorb the substance, meaning it goes directly to the bloodstream. As a result, the effect is felt faster than ingestion. The bioavailability seems to be around 30%, but that can go up or down drastically depending on the quality of the CBD.


Also avoiding the digestive system is the nose spray delivery method. According to research, its high absorption rate into the bloodstream comes with a bioavailability close to 40% and, as you would expect, a fast effect. The better forms have a mild coating that help the nose avoid any kind of irritation. Some people prefer the spray method if they suffer from constant congestion or if any of the oral routes could lead to nausea, vomiting, or gastrointestinal issues.


A cream, balm, or lotion all have low bioavailability since the cannabinoids never reach the bloodstream, instead being absorbed by the skin directly, say the studies. However, this isn’t a fair criticism because CBD in this form is used to target site-specific discomfort areas, like sore muscles or achy joints. The other methods are generally used for things like controlling mood, sleep, or stress. Rubbing CBD directly onto your body will vary in how quick it acts based on the thickness of the skin. For instance, a cream used on the temples for headaches may yield faster results than a lotion used on the soles of the feet for foot pain. Pain relief will also depend on the severity of your injury/pain. It may take more than one application to feel the results.

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Before going on a CBD regimen, we recommend consulting a San Ramon Psychotherapist with advanced cannabidiol knowledge to go over your options and what’s likely to work best for you. Get in touch with us at 925.216.3510 or And regardless of which method you choose, always start with a low dose and slowly work your way up over time.



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