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Reena Sharma, Homeopathy practitioner (BHMS){Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and surgery} from Rajasthan University, Jaipur (India). Reena Sharma is registered member of Rajasthan Board of Homeopathic Medicine. She is also member of California Homeopathic Medical Society.

Reena Sharma is classical homeopathy practitioner since 1998 .She is doing online Homeopathy consultation all over the world. She is specialized in Auto immune diseases ,Skin diseases ,Different type of allergies, Respiratory disorders, gastric disorders, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders.



Dr. Preet Kaur

I highly recommend for any kind of health ailment. Her medicines have given me a great change in 2 months. I feel rebirth after her medication. Thanks

Murali Rao

Effective diagnosis and medicines , always gives consistent results as expected. Absolutely recommended !!

Gopa Dutta

Dr Reena has been treating myself and my family members effectively for a long time. I would highly recommend her.


She treated me and my wife well, she listens carefully to our problems pays utmost attention and gives appropriate medication.

Priyanshu Sharma

If you really want to treat your health issues… Homeopathy is one of the best way to do so and when it comes to homeopathy..me and my family always trust Dr. Reena, She is the one who keeps on learning and solving our health issues…I highly recommend her to all.

Prabh K

I have been getting treatment for my psoriasis from Dr. Sharma and have seen a great improvement in my condition. She's very attentive and tries to improve one's overall health not just one problem. Thank you, Dr.Sharma!

Bhavana Shetty

Hi, this is Bhavana from India… Frankly speaking I tried so many allopathic meds and it never worked out for longer time… It gave me temporary relief and then again back with same problem… So this cycle was not ending then I decided to give up on allopathic meds and why not to try Homeopathy… Then I met Dr Reena Sharma. She understood my health issues so quickly and she prescribed me homeopathic meds and when I started seeing changes in my health and that too for longer time I decided in that moment only that I would never quit on homeopathic… Thanks to Dr Reena Di Bcuz whenev I feel I have to consult her about my health then I just grab my phone and I just WhatsApp her about the symptoms and she gives me very perfect solutions all the time… No matter what time it's there in the other country… She's is osm and more than Sister of mine😊 Excellent Results Thank you so much Dr Reena Sharma.

Tanvi Singh

We met doctor Reena at a time when we were baffled with cancer. My father's treatment was going on in very renowned hospitals but we were at a stage where his health was only detoriating everytime. Dr. Reena is such a humble lady and she actually takes pain to reach out to the patient, understand the disease from scratch and then give the best homeopathic medicine for the same. We never knew homeopathy could treat cancer and in a way where my father had barely any side effects of the alternative treatment. A lot of times doctors in India were not able to give us a proper answer but Dr. Reena, residing in a different country, listened to us patiently and came out with a conclusion everytime. I have already recommended to a lot of patients and will recommend her treatment to every person struggling with the same problem. Homeopathy can actually treat cancer.

Linnea Alexander

It has been so great having a doctor like you in my life and of my family life too. I have been suffering from many ailments due to hormonal disturbances but as Dr reena sharma came In my life all my biological issues are sorted out and now I am living a wonderful life….. Free from any disease…. Thanks to Dr reena sharma…

Nimita Vakil

I have had a very good experience with Reena Sharma . She has treated several members of my family effectively. Her diagnosis about the ailment and the physical , mental and emotional history is thorough and the remedies are right on target . I would highly recommend Reena's services. The comfort level that I have felt with her has speeded up my recovery

Anju Narang

I love Dr Reena for her marvellous work .Her diagonsis is so accurate.I am getting treatment from her from last one year for various problems I feel so much revealed from my problems. Thanks Dr Reena for ur awesome work.

Loveleena Saini

I love Dr Reena. She very closely follows the treatment through and does not rest till you dont get better. I endorse her.

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