How to sleep better to feel better

I first started using BrainTap and could tell I got into a deeper sleep. I now awaken more rested.” -Brooke Pond, BrainTap User

Many of us wake up more tired than when we go to bed. A good night’s sleep can be elusive. You probably remember a time when you could fall asleep in an instant and stay asleep all night. As we age, sleep becomes lighter and we wake several times during the night. We get up in the morning and don’t feel as though we’ve gotten the rest we need.

The reasons we don’t sleep well are numerous. We are stressed out, worried, engaged in technology, eating the wrong foods, drinking excessive caffeine, not exercising…the list goes on. Sleeping less than the recommended amounts can lead to an increased risk of developing health problems such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and mental disorders.

A few tips to help you sleep more soundly at night:

  • Get some light. Getting sunlight or any natural light during the day helps adjust your circadian rhythms so you have more energy during the day and can build great sleep habits at night.
  • Shut it down! The blue light from electronics interfere with circadian rhythms and cause poor sleep. Shutting down electronics well before bedtime can help induce sleep.
  • Say no to caffeine. Caffeine stays in your blood for six to eight hours. Reducing or eliminating caffeine consumption in the afternoon and evening can help your body relax into sleep much more easily.
  • Get comfortable. Get comfortable bedding, soft lighting, and ambient noise to make your bedroom a place your brain knows is for sleep.
  • Use BrainTap. BrainTap helps prepare your mind for deep, restful sleep by balancing your brainwaves. You can get good, quality sleep by training your brain and body to relax into the deepest possible sleep for you. You’ll soon rediscover that easy, natural sleep you experienced as a child.

Sleep specific sessions offered in the BrainTap Pro App has everything you need to get the rest you need each and every night. You’ll find yourself easily able to Drift Into Sleepand gain a Deep Sleep Mindset. Sleep is vitally important for detoxing your brain and maintaining your body’s systems. If you’re not getting enough of it, we highly recommend you start utilizing the tips above and for more information on how BrainTap can help. For a free 15 day trial click here . You can also contact us at 925-216-3510 or from our ‘contact us page’.

Sleep tight,

Dr. Rozakis

Blog was written by the BrainTap Team



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