How to use reiki as an adjunct to therapy

Reiki is the free flowing universal healing energy that helps your body to realign and heal itself from a cellular and spiritual level. Reiki is one of the modalities used in an energy healing session with me. An energy healing session is one hour and in that hour you are guided into a meditative state of peaceful stillness.

The energy flows through your aura clearing your chakras and cleansing your ailments. This energy is gentle and peaceful. It is safe and beautiful. Healing Crystals and sacred incense are used in a session as well as a sound healing bowl which is played vibrating at the highest frequency of love.

The reason Reiki is such a beneficial adjunct to your therapy sessions is that it will work to still your mind and body and allow you to enter a reparative state that will help alleviate the anxiety and depression associated with stress. The healing session puts you into the present moment forcing you to live for the NOW.

This will translate well during your therapy session follow ups to guide your thoughts and help you progress at a faster rate. When we are anxious we are thinking of the future and when we are depressed we are thinking of the past. Living in the present is the most beneficial state to live in for change and progress, however it can be difficult given our current society. This energy healing session will help take away any outside stimulants and noise to bring the spirit and mind to the peaceful surrender of now.

The more you are able to let go and surrender the better the sessions become, you get out what you put in. Breathe, Relax, Observe, Feel, and Surrender.



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