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Let’s Talk Insight With Dr. Kat Depression Support Group. How does Kaitlyn Pack, Life Coach and Cognitive Behaviorist “Hold Space” for her group participants.

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Ashley on CBD : Ashley Grace interviews Dr. Katerina Rozakis, a.k.a. Dr. Kat on CBD For Cancer. They both share their stories, discuss history, the benefits of CBD and more…

Dr. Katerina Rozakis discussing pure and natural "only the best for our patients"on the Bloomberg World Wide Business News with Kathy Ireland.

CBD with your Fav PhD : Dr. Kat wraps up the season with highlights from this year's episodes with her Fav Product Reviews, Discounts and season/holiday Specials. Stay tuned for updates on new and exciting - Live programs from Dr. Kat 2021

Dr. Kat highlights the Green Plant Summit and CBD Specialties on CBD with Your Fav PhD

The green plant summit, Dr. Kat discusses why it is important to know our resources. Register for your free pass at https://aspengreen.ontraport.c...

Is HempCBD Good For Your Skin CBD With Your Fav PhD - Live! Dr. Kat Discusses the Benefits of CBD for Skin ailments and Skincare.

Dr. Kat Discusses What is ECS and it’s relation to CBD Cannabinoids on CBD with Your Favorite PHD Weekly Live Streams

Part Two - Dr. Katerina's Cancer Journey and CBD CBD with Your Favorite PhD - Monday Mornings Livestream

Dr. Rozakis's brief interview with one of Insight Wellness Center's RN Medical CBD Consultants

Dr. Katerina Rozakis Discusses her Cancer Journey, Mission and CBD

Sleep Issues, Causes, Remedies and Addictions. How can Hemp CBD help!
CBD With a Your Fav PhD. Live Stream Every Monday at 10:00 AM

Covid-19 effects on our emotional and physical health and how alternatives like CBD can help.

What is the CBD Entourage Effect and Why Syngergy/Whole Plant is Important Join Dr. Kat every Monday at 10 AM for CBD with your favorite PhD, Hosted by Carmen Milagro CBD educator

What to Look for When Purchasing CBD Dr. KAT discusses what and why.

Mind and Body Reconnection While making Healthy Marmalade with Dr. Kat

Every Monday 10am Dr. Rozakis presents Live in 10 Minutes or Less on CBD Insights. This week she discussed applications and methods

Dr Kat Discusses CBD and Dosing on her Monday's Show that Provides 5 minutes of Insights.

Pain and CBD as an Alternative. CBD with your Favorite PHD. Five minutes topics brought to you every Monday at 10am By Dr Katerina "Kat"Rozakis

Dr. Katerina Rozakis "a.k.a. Dr. Kat" Discusses anxiety, COVID-19 and the use of CBD.
Join us every Monday at 10 AM while Carmen Milagro interviews Dr Kat to answer the most common questions relating to CBD.

We have gone global with World Wide Business with Kathy Ireland!

Watch Dr Katerina Rozakis , AKA, Dr. Kat, discusses why she chooses pure and natural for herself and her patients and the benefits of Borbón with CBD.

A video from Kiran's Bollywood/Dance Movement YouTube Channel.

Kiran is one of our Independent Contractors here at Insight Wellness Center. She is an Integrative Movement Psychotherapist bringing Bollywood and Dance/Movement Medicine together to nourish our mind, body, and spirit.

For more information and a free trial click HERE

Finding Medicine in Movement and the Natural World | Kiran Easwarachandran | TEDxSanRamon