Pain Management

Insight Wellness Center is an Integrative Center providing An Alternative Pain Management System.

We offer the latest natural health and wellness healing therapies.


The goal is to help control pain in the least invasive way, alleviate pain, increase comfort, improve sleep, change ones thoughts around pain, decrease emotional and behavioral issues related to pain and/or trauma, increase relaxation, decrease stress, education, teach skills and aid in the prevention of opioid use.


We offer an interdisciplinary team approach and collaborate with all healthcare providers involved as we see the patient in the center of their care team with practitioners surrounding them and coordinating to bring about the most effective methods for success.

We focus in on the patient’s needs with unconditional positive regard, empathy and genuine support to help the patient establish a congruent view of themselves.


  • Brain Tap
  • Bioscan
  • Light Therapy
  • Medical Hemp CBD Consultations
  • CBD Massage (temporally not offering due to Covid-19)
  • Natural, pure, organic, third party tested, Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Dispensary
  • Natural Health, Lifestyle and Wellness Evaluation and Coaching
  • Psychotherapy 


Veronica Penagos, RN, Program Director, Intake Evaluations and Coordination, RN CBD Consultant 

Dr. Katerina Rozakis, Ph.D., LCSW, DAPA, BCIM, Natural Health Sciences, Board Certified Integrative Medicines, CBD Therapist, Psychotherapist

Michele Weidner, RN, BSN, CBD Nurse Consultant 

Caroline Allen, LCSW BrainTap and In-Light Therapy Specialist, Psychotherapist

Shelby Leigh Kremin, Bioscan, Holistic Practitioner 

Psychotherapist - Trauma and Pain Managment Specialist


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