Personal Improvement & Skills Building

This is the future. It is the preferred, preventative measure to help recognize signs and symptoms of stress, anxiety, or depression. It is a way of building skills to foster good relationships with your partners, your children, your parents, and your work. It is recommended that couples seek psychotherapy when they are planning to get into a relationship, or see issues arising that can be prevented by learning communication skills. It is recommended when one wants to have children. Couples tend to have different upbringings and views about raising their children, such as bed time, what to eat, saying no, gaming, etc.

We recommend getting a head start in fostering strong relationships that grow and do not fall apart due to lack of awareness or needed skills. We find that we are seeing more and more people in our practice book appointments who do not have an existing mental health issue. This is the new trend and comes with increased awareness of how therapy can help improve our lives. People are seeking support, talk therapy, and skills building. Many want to be more assertive at work and increase their performance and success. Others want to learn to balance their lives as they are stressed from work, traffic, family, electronics, and home management.


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