Pet CBD for Halloween

Advice from the Leader in East Bay Pet CBD Products

The benefits of CBD aren’t limited to humans. Studies and anecdotal evidence have shown that our pets too can often make use of its relieving effects. And the primary motivation is the same as well: pharmaceuticals can have unwelcome side effects. However, it’s important to note that the research for CBD in animals is still in its early stages and we recommend consulting your veterinarian before you start administering the herbal remedy, whether you get it from a Danville CBD Dispensary or somewhere else. Especially if your pet is already on some form of medication. But whether Fido or Felix is already taking something to treat their anxiety, arthritis, pain, seizures, digestive problems, or separation issues, CBD with its natural properties is likely worth considering as an alternative.

Like people, animals can react negatively to certain triggers. Oftentimes, these are stimuli that are simply outside the norm of everyday routine, like loud noises, different visuals, or new people. And no holiday encapsulates these as much as Halloween. If you’re a pet owner, you’ve almost certainly witnessed your animal become uncomfortable this time of year. Scientifically, it’s because these stimuli release adrenaline and stress hormones. Thankfully, though, as a concerned party of the pet anxiety San Ramon animals experience, we’re pleased to report the calming effect CBD provides has worked wonders to combat this reaction for many pet owners. Plus it’s not just about easing your animal’s anxiety, but about easing your headache as well since a common behavior of stressed out animals is to run away.

Discover San Ramon Animal CBD Healing for Halloween

Most vets agree that more research is required before it can definitively be said that CBD helps anxious pets. Also, since CBD is largely unregulated, it can be a tricky process determining which products have been made that are free of contaminants and truly contain the ingredients labeled. This is why it’s incredibly important you buy from a source, like our Danville Psychotherapy center, that sells products that have been 3rd party tested. Especially when considering that THC has proven toxic in some animals; CBD products are legal as long as they don’t contain more than 0.3% THC. Still, as long as it’s administered responsibly at the correct dosage and in a recommended format (tincture, capsule, chew treat, or topical cream), the early results are extremely promising for pet CBD. Now making sure your dog, cat, pig, turtle, horse, etc. doesn’t get into your house’s candy stash this Halloween, that’s all on you.



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