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"Psycho-Oncology EMPOWERS the Fight for Life" By Dr. Katerina Rozakis, PhD, LCSW, BCIM

Two important and powerful cancer-themed pieces by members of our Center in the latest edition of Live+Thrive CA. Dr. Katerina Rozakis discusses psycho-oncology while Carmen Milagro explores grief.

live strive grief cancer

Article in DAYSPA Magazine, featuring an interview with Dr. Katerina Rozakis on CBD wellness.

Dr. Kat's in-depth appearance on the radio program Women Who Really Rock about her history with CBD.


"Loving, Forgiving, and letting go"

Are you ready to make the shift to start loving yourself? Here's some wise advice from Dr. Katerina Rozakis-Trani, a Cancer Warrior, Psychotherapist, and Health/Wellness Coach. Part of Carmen Milagro's #FUConversations on our #Limitless Podcast Series. #FitNFabs #Belimitless


Book signing for Beyond Beauty: A Warrior's Story by Daphne Evans , featuring our Dr. Kat.

In Your Head with Chris Medina

Episode: Next Stop… Ascension! w/ Caitlin Douglas, Insight for Wellness Center's Reiki Master

Description: Good friend and healer Caitlin Douglas stops by to talk about her life changing reading with Chris nearly two years ago and where she’s at today. If you wanted to know more about chakras, we got you covered. Chris talks about his recent reiki session with Caitlin and which chakras needed attention. Growing, learning, evolving, transforming and ascending is definitely the theme for this episode.


Caitlin Douglas, IWC Reiki Master

PhD, Cancer Warrior & Hemp CBD Oil Advocate Joins Borbón Skincare Advisory Board!

Borbón Skincare’s Hemp CBD Oil-infused Soothing Herbal Massage Serum

Soothing Herbal Massage Serum

Cannabis Presentation

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