The elderly population in this country is often overlooked when it comes to mental health issues. Many times, symptoms are simply attributed to the aging process, but research shows that psychotherapy is as effective for older adults as for younger people. Our psychotherapists, who are also Medicare providers, specialize in geriatrics, addressing issues such as grief and loss, depression, anxiety, and other related issues, providing psychotherapy for seniors.

Some of the areas we focus on in treating seniors include the restoration of self-worth, improved self-esteem, dealing with loss, coping with aging and illness, as well as topics around retirement and widow or widowers grief. We also recognize generational differences that may result in stress or family dynamic issues. We understand that transitional traumas related to moving away from homes or into an assisted living environment, retirement, or the loss of a spouse can be significant. While these transitions may be beneficial in preventing isolation and providing needed care, they often present multiple losses and grief issues for both seniors and their families. Our expertise lies in addressing transitional losses due to aging and grief support counseling for seniors, offering comprehensive support during these challenging times.

Through our comprehensive treatment process, older clients will benefit from a heightened feeling of being understood, valued, and connected. As Medicare providers, we are here to ensure that seniors receive the specialized psychotherapy they need for enhanced mental well-being.

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