Take your pup for an exciting day at bollinger dog run

5001 Bollinger Canyon Road, San Ramon, California 94583, United States

Memorial Dog Park in Bollinger Canyon offers a picturesque setting for furry friends to run and play – complete with natural surfaces, plenty of room to roam, and even tennis balls! With 23 acres set aside as San Ramon Memorial Park, one acre has been thoughtfully allocated just for canine companions. Exercise your pup while they take laps around the perimeter or tire them out by playing fetch – all without sacrificing that unique doggy joy of getting dirty!

Make your pup’s day extra special with a visit to this wonderful park! They’ll have plenty of room to roam and play thanks to the convenient parking, restrooms, and benches. Plus, you can even keep them hydrated at the dual human-canine water fountain! Soak in stunning views of Mt Diablo while keeping an eye on Fido – it doesn’t get much better than this.

Take your pup for a walk and let them romp to their heart’s content, but ensure safety is a top priority in the doggy playground. Leashes are required from the parking lot all throughout the large park. Be mindful of any open gates on windy days; watch closely or position yourself beside it if you’re concerned about potential escapees! To maintain mutual respect between fellow dog lovers, make sure to pick up after Fido – waste bags and receptacles plus pooper scoopers will helpfully remain provided at this pawesome venue. Finally, aggressive behavior towards other pups won’t be tolerated here so remember that playtime should always stay safe and positive.

Put the leash on your pup and get ready to explore Memorial Park, a lush haven of winding pathways, BBQ grills, and picnic areas. However, due to its close proximity to two main highways with curved hills, it is essential that dogs remain safely attached at all times for everyone’s safety!

Community Feedback and Reviews of Bollinger Dog Run Park

Bollinger Dog Run Park has been a popular destination for dog owners in the community, and many visitors have shared their feedback and reviews about their experiences at the park. Here are some of the common themes that emerge from the reviews: 

1. Cleanliness: Many visitors have commented on the park’s cleanliness, noting that the staff does an excellent job of maintaining the facilities and picking up after dogs. 

2. Safety: The park is well-secured, and visitors appreciate the separate areas for small and large dogs. Many reviewers have also praised the park for having double gates to prevent dogs from escaping. 

3. Amenities: Visitors enjoy the park’s amenities, including agility equipment, water fountains, and benches. Many visitors have also appreciated the ample space for dogs to run around and play. 

4. Community: Bollinger Dog Run Park has become a hub for the dog-owning community in the area, and many visitors have commented on the friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Some have even made new friends at the park. 

5. Improvement: A few reviewers have suggested that the park could benefit from additional shade structures, more seating areas, and improved lighting in the evening. 

Overall, the community feedback and reviews of Bollinger Dog Run Park have been positive. The park’s cleanliness, safety, and amenities have impressed many visitors, and the park has become a beloved destination for dog owners in the area.

Conclusion: Is Bollinger Dog Run Park Worth Visiting?

In conclusion, Bolinger Dog Run Park is a great place for any pet owner looking to give their furry friends an enjoyable and safe experience. From the open space and greenery to the staff’s dedication to pet care and safety protocols—there’s something here for everyone. Whether you’re taking your pup out for a breath of fresh air or spending the night, you can rest assured that they’re in good hands at Bolinger Dog Run Park!

San Ramon, California is blessed with some of the area’s most gorgeous dog parks perfect for your fur-baby! Here’s a list of some of our favorites:

• Del Mar Dog Park
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• Bollinger Dog Run
• Dougherty Hills Dog Park
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These beautiful dog parks are just a short distance from our historic location at 2821 Crow Canyon Rd #202 in San Ramon! Stop by for a visit anytime!



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