Transition means struggle; it means grasping and clawing and shouting at life for being so cruel and then celebrating the unexpected gifts that lie on the other side of that struggle…I am in transition. Giving up ideas about myself, about my work, about my marriage, about my children. About who I am and what I want. This means forcing myself to open up to who I truly am now, and who I want to become.

We are always in transition, moving from one to the next, growing, letting go, evolving, working through the challenges at each step, so that we may thrive. Through therapy I offer the opportunity to embrace our whole authentic selves, to build trust in our inner wisdom, to practice transparency and build connection in a safe supportive environment.

Whether we are transitioning from partnership to singlehood, from parenthood to an empty nest or from early life to later life, we can find solace, healing and new meaning when we trust the challenging and powerful work of psychotherapy. When we work with the whole self-the body, the mind and the spirit, we are able to find our path forward and cultivate who we want to be with deeper insight and understanding. I believe the partnership between client and therapist is of the utmost importance as we navigate through and find ways to integrate the gifts of transition and change. Each of us brings our dedication to the process so that great changes may manifest as we harness the power of healing that exists within every one of us.

If you or someone you know is in transition, is struggling to make sense of the changes in their body, challenged with a decision they just cannot find their way through alone, or facing the prospect of letting go of old pain and struggles to try and build a new life, I would love to hear from you. I would be honored to guide and support you on this path.

Kiran Easwarachandran, LCSW, R-DMT Integrative Movement Psychotherapist



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