Weight Management

Introducing Club E.A.S.E.™️ – Weight Loss For LIFE™️ at Insight Wellness Center.

Our weight management club is a comprehensive system designed to provide support and assistance for lifelong weight loss. At Insight Wellness Center, we aim to help individuals enjoy life freely and with ease.

To facilitate this, we offer the following components with E.A.S.E:
Education: Gain knowledge and understanding of effective weight management strategies.
Accountability: Stay on track with your weight loss goals through regular check-ins and support.
Support: Receive guidance and encouragement from our dedicated team throughout your weight loss journey.
Empowerment: Discover your inner strength and unleash your potential to make lasting lifestyle changes.

Insight Wellness Center offers a wide range of services tailored to meet individual needs. We provide individual therapy sessions, coaching, as well as membership programs designed to support your specific weight loss and wellness goals. Our intake coordinator will help guide you through the process and choose the steps that may be right for you.

We periodically offer support groups. Join our newsletter to get updates on our center, events, and groups or workshops offered.

The E.A.S.E program services are coaching-focused, with a focus on monitoring, accountability, and goal-reaching. By using BrainTap, HRV, and weekly check-ins, we can achieve our goals.

We also offer therapy for those experiencing mental health issues. Our intake coordinator matches you with a psychotherapist who may collaborate with our E.A.S.E. Team. Dr. Rozakis conducts evaluations to review labs, lifestyle, supplements, and CBD options for pain, as weight can contribute to inflammation, joint pain, sleep disturbances, stress, worry, and anxiety.

Many of our patients and clients are looking to have bariatric surgery and need to lose weight before surgery and after to keep it off. Others may need to be seen by a psychotherapist for eating disorders before being a candidate for surgery. At Insight Wellness Center, we also complete preoperative evaluations and provide recommendations.

With Club E.A.S.E., experience the importance of weekly check-ins and discussions on roadblocks and obstacles in meeting goals. Our Cognitive Behavioral Coach will guide you, monitor you, and keep you accountable weekly, and Dr. Rozakis will meet with you initially to review any needed changes as part of your evaluation.

In your transformative journey, the coach will motivate and inspire you to keep track of your success and lifelong goals.

Our holistic approach combines the importance of using cutting-edge technologies like BrainTap and HRV with weekly check-ins for continuous support and guidance. Let our dedicated Cognitive Behavioral Coach motivate, inspire, and guide you towards lasting wellness.

Join Club E.A.S.E.™ today.